Mary Miur: Forever Ten

When this self-published book gets a little well-deserved publicity, it is sure to be a hit in the Fantasy book community.

Mary Miur: Forever Ten begins with a 10-year old girl named Mary Miur with exceptional visual powers and a knack for stealth and thievery trying to get into a walled city surrounded by thousands of zombies. Her mission, we learn, is to try to reverse the spell of a wizard, who has cursed her to stay ten years old forever.

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With the movie coming out in a few weeks, I feel it is a good time to review the book Eragon, which was written by Christopher Paolini.

Without giving too much away for those of you haven’t read it, the title character Eragon is a young boy growing up in a small village near a range of mountains with treacherous passes. On one of his adventures in these mountain passes, Eragon recovers a dragon egg which was left behind under mysterious circumstances.

The Dragon hatches, and Eragon begins to care for it in secret.

Powerful forces, both good and evil, learn of the secret soon enough, and thus begin the adventures of Eragon and his dragon.

I only really have two problems with Eragon.

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