The Destroyer Series

His name was Remo.

I was first introduced to Remo Williams and the Destroyer Series through Marvel Comics. I bought a large-format comic book that said “Destroyer” on the front and featured a wonderful drawing of a man in his mid 30s being crushed against a wall by a large, blue, human-like creature. Immediately I thought that the blue creature-thing was the Destroyer, and I was anxious to start reading a new comic book that wasn’t the mainstay of all other comic fans. Once I got a few pages into the book, I realized that the Destroyer was in fact Remo Williams. A faint, flickering light bulb went on inside my brain. I’d heard the name before. Remo Williams. Oh yeah, there was a cheesy movie made about him in 1985. More of an A-Team sort of story, it showed how Remo was turned into the world’s ultimate assassin.

There have been hundreds of books written about Remo Williams. The story was created by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. Here is the basis:
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The Merchant of Death, Book 1 of the Pendragon Series

I admit that I didn’t know anything about this book or this author before I started reading it. I was given it in the hopes that it might be something that one of my children would enjoy.

The Merchant of Death begins in New York City with the young Bobby Pendragon, star for his school basketball team and all around good guy, receiving a visit from his uncle. In short order, Bobby is wisked away by his uncle through an inter-dimensional portal to another world where he is the only hope for a civilization on the brink of crumbling into civil war and chaos.

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