Mistborn: the Final Empire

Mistborn is the first book in the Mistborn trilogy, and the second book by author Brandon Sanderson. In Mistborn, Sanderson introduces us to a whole new set of magical rules than the ones from his debut novel Elantris.

In a nutshell, the plot of Mistborn is simple. A street urchin with magical powers (known in the Mistborn trilogy as allomancy) is befriended by the resistance in hopes of her helping to overthrow a ruthless and immortal dictator who has governed and enslaved the peoples of the world for a thousand years, and, unless something is done, is likely to continue for many millennia more.

Like Sanderson’s first novel, Mistborn is refreshingly unique in its plot. Its characters are likable, especially the supporting cast of resistance fighters. It’s ending is superb, both in originality and in excitement.

There was high-praise given to Sanderson’s first novel by well-known fantasy authors, but I have to say that Mistborn was much better than Elantris. If you read my previous review, you’ll see that I found some of the portions of Elantris to be too slow and tedious. Even though Mistborn also has a lot of political machinations, at no time in this story do you find yourself bored.

There was absolutely nothing in this book with which I could find fault (a rarity for someone as critical as I). Mistborn was a joy to read from the very beginning to the final exciting and surprising climax. You couldn’t ask for anything more from a novel, even from a seasoned author.