A Princess of Landover

A Princess of Landover, by Terry Brooks, is a return to his well-liked Magic Kingdom of Landover series after several years writing in his Shannara series, including three prequel books that link the Shannara series to his Word and the Void series.

A Princess of Landover, the sixth book in the Magic Kingdom of Landover series, follows the story of Mistaya Holiday, daughter of Ben Holiday, King of Landover. She has essentially been kicked out of a private school back on Earth and has no real interest to try and make amends and return to finish her education outside of Landover. When she returns to Landover, her father and mother are disappointed and look to find something in Landover that she might accomplish to prepare her for life and her future responsibilities as a ruler of Landover.

I have to say that I had really enjoyed the Magic Kingdom of Landover series up until this book. In case you haven’t read the previous novels, Ben Holiday was able to purchase his Kingship back on Earth for One Million Dollars cash. Unfortunately previous purchasers of the throne had left Landover and its throne in terrible shape. Ben was forced to truly earn his kingship physically as well as politically and psychologically.

I can’t say that I really disliked this book in any way. Mistaya Holiday was an interesting and likable character, and Terry Brooks is normally a very good and engaging writer. Unfortunately for readers of this book, it is painfully obvious that Terry Brooks is very out of practice in writing for this series. (I think it had been fourteen years since his last Magic Kingdom of Landover novel.) Indeed, I’m not exactly sure that he really thought this book out well enough to come up with an intriguing plot line and an exciting conflict. Perhaps he was rushed — he is trying to put out a new book every summer. Perhaps he had to come up with a plot that was small enough that there was a good reason not to have the King of Landover becoming personally involved, but large enough that it actually was worth telling.

Whatever the excuse, this book is really just a bunch of fluff. It really isn’t worth your time, even if you are a fan of the other books in the Magic Kingdom of Landover series or a fan of other Terry Brooks’ works.

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